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(Art Studio)

The art studio is one of the seven rooms inside Room to Breathe exhibition, it is a space to host a different artist every month. Each artist made this studio their own, creating art and sharing with the public fragments of the journey they made across many borders.

Through meet-the-artist sessions, educational workshops and participatory artwork, the artists have shared their knowledge and stories with everyone who stepped into their universe. 


More info: MigrationMuseum

“Being in movement is being alive” – Belén L.Yáñez, artist in residence


Borderless is a collective art exhibition featuring all of the artists who have taken up residency in the art studio inside of  Room to Breathe exhibition.
It combines various art mediums and reflects on how the artists transformed their personal experiences in crossing borders into pieces of art. It also focuses on how, through their art practice, the artists perceived the metaphor of borders, fought against division, and stood up for cultural diversity and inclusion.

Participating artists:  Habib Sadat, The New Art Studio, Ceyda Oskay, Shorsh Saleh and Belén L. Yáñez.


Curated by Dima Karout

More info: MigrationMuseum/borderless


Seeds is a participatory project that uses collage compositions to investigate personal identity and how resilience transforms people. The work offered participants space to discuss how migration can provide opportunities for growth and resilience.

Seeds was developed at the Migration Museum in collaboration with visitors of the Room to Breathe exhibition.

More info: MigrationMuseum/seeds

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