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Inhabited Composition III


The interactive performance Welcome invites audiences to reflect on their interactions with people they don't know in new contexts.


The performance approaches the concept of arrival as a fresh start and a welcoming point, intentionally shaping the narrative to evoke a sense of renewal and invitation.

Participants are equipped with full-face masks and headphones. The masks symbolise identity diversity, introducing a transformative element. This prompts a fresh outlook, empowering individuals to rediscover the familiar from a different perspective.
The headphones deliver a sound narrative constructed through audio components such as music, sound effects, and ambient sounds. Coupled with facilitation by performers in unconventional locations, this invites individuals to delve into their imagination. It fosters the creation of new visual scenarios, encouraging a unique and immersive narrative exploration.

The concept behind Welcome stems from an urgent need to establish welcoming atmospheres in our communities, fostering the integration process and encouraging cultural exchange. 

Conceived & Directed

Belén Yáñez


Original Music and Sound Design

Mike de Lis

Piti Varela

Chris Murphy



Belén Yáñez

José Gonçalo Pais



Carmen Triguero


Rocio H. Valentín 

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