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London, December 2017


Stratford, a metropolitan district in East London, has undergone an intense process of urban regeneration over the past decade, especially with the hosting of the Olympic Games in 2012. The local community is forced to move away, transforming an urban collective identity into an individualised consumer one. This process of gentrification results in deep political and cultural insulation. The Olympic Games were hosted to reconfigure the area, to “cleanse” it of it's undesirable and to expand the terrain of profitable activity.

‘I IS ANOTHER’, an invitation for the participants to immerse themselves in a discovery process to understand urban regeneration in Stratford.


I Is Another is an invitation to create your own personal experience.

I Is Another is an invitation to discover the hidden reality of the urban regeneration in Stratford.

I Is Another is an invitation to promote a social change.

If you accept the invitation, I will encourage you to follow some key stages to create your experience.

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