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London, October 2019

NORAS celebrates the role of women in local communities through their own images and voices taking over public space.

NORAS project is concerned with the role of women in society and aims to give space and value to their daily reality. Through history and up to recent days, the role of women in society had not had enough visibility and recognition. Women have not been given fair opportunities to achieve relevance in society and we believe they have not occupied enough space in public life. 

Through an intervention in public space, NORAS celebrates the role of women in their communities. Public space is used both as a research ground and as an installation canvas; allowing us to connect with our targeted community and create our project with them.

NORAS, gives space and value to the reality of local women in the context of a patriarchal system that often makes women achievements invisible.

NORAS Project was conceived and created by Belén L.Yáñez, Cristina Villalonga and Laura Guarch.

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