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Inhabited Composition I

The beautifully poetic atmosphere of Awakening Sweet & Sour creates an intensely personal relationship between the performers and participants. Together they dive through a unique experience questioning the boundaries between performers, participants, and space.

Each intimate performance strives to incorporate all the senses for a total awakening, providing participants with the ingredients to create their own sweet and sour compositions.

Awakening Sweet & Sour invites participants to play out different social scenarios and reflect on their culturally-learned behaviors_.


Concept and Direction: Belén L.Yáñez

Performers: Belén L.Yáñez, Natalia Varela

Laura Guarch, Valentina Territo

Music and Sound Design: Miguel de Lis 

Masks: Belén L.Yáñez 

Costumes: Valentina Territo 

Production: Plutonyka

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