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London, December 2016

Persona is a participatory performance that investigates how our persona is composed by different perceptions that other people have of us.  During this, I reflect on how people´s definition of who I am is influenced by their cultural background and personal characteristics.

To create this performance, I asked people from different backgrounds and people related to me through different kinds of relationships to record their perceptions of me in their own language. I collected their responses as voice recordings and I worked with the sound designer to assemble them into a sound piece that later on I used in a live performance. 


Concept: Belén L.Yáñez

Sound Design: Miguel de Lis

Created in  collaboration with: Albert Pi, Alexis Vedía, David Aramburu, Estela Fernández, Filippo Bombaci, Gary Rogue, Héctor Dominguez-Viguera Queija, Isis Mazzini, José Gonçalo País, Lorenzo Nardecchia, María Santos, Miguel de Lis, Natalia Varela, Olalla Granja, Pasquale Donnarumma, Patricia Areválo, Ritxi Ibarreche, Sally Leeds, Sarah D´Almeida

and Yasushi Shiba.

Persona- Belén L.Yáñez
00:00 / 08:34
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