2019 _

Encounters is a participatory video installation that aims to empower audiences to actively interact with the community they live in and promote social inclusion_

2019 _

Noras is a project that embraces diversity, challenges stereotypes and encourages social change to highlight women's contribution to society_

2020 _

Masaya is a community project that draws on the stories of women from the past, the present and the future. It aims to raise awareness of the female collective_

2019 | 2020

By Lupitas is an interdisciplinary collaborative project creating different interventions inviting the audiences to reflect on contemporary social issues_


Room to Breathe is an immersive exhibition inviting you to discover stories from generations of new arrivals to Britain.
The art studio is one of the seven rooms inside Room to Breathe exhibition that hosts a different artist every month_


Seeds is a participatory project that uses collage compositions to investigate personal identity and how resilience transforms people_


Drawn from a feminist perspective, Museum of Perceptions offers the audience a glimpse into a woman's mind and give them a space to reflect on the multi-layers of existence_


I Is Another is an invitation for the participants to immerse themselves in a discovery process and understand urban regeneration in Stratford, a metropolitan district in East London_

2014 _

The Inhabited Compositions are a series of participatory performances inspired by human experiences dealing with and exploring the challenges of social and political conventions_


My collage work is a process of freedom, a medium that allows me to rebuild a new reality, and create new narratives playing within layers of imagination. I use female bodies as a space to express, explore and question ideas about female identity.


All my collages are analog and made with found ephemera material_


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